daz bLazem


Luca making a beat. Almost got enough material for an EP.

I even filled the centre console with empty eclipse cans.

Not a bad view from the office #heatingauckland (at Red Beach, New Zealand)

Play Doh for days

My morning farewell crew

Me when people tell me their email address is all lower case. #lolguy

REPOST FROM @repostwhiz:
“…Me and my squad at the wedding! Ate all the food & errrthing”
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Winter shadow

REPOST FROM @freakorico:
“Statutory Barkley. Acrylic, Gold flakes, melted silver,indian ink, and oil paint stick on 1.5 inch thick MDF cut out.This one is actually for sale if u in ATL holla at me thru email. $$$”
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