daz bLazem

My little junglist son dropping fire engine samples over @TheUpbeats - Corposant just now! #laugh!! #dnb #junglist #dadsarmy #basshead


CALLING ALL XBL PLAYERS AND GANGSTAS!! Rallying up a team for some #gta online next Sunday night Aus/NZ time. Giz a Holla we capping fools! @motiontracker @getban @mrmunnz @redmonsta

EATBRAIN Podcast 015 by DABS by eatbrain http://ift.tt/1fJcHbm

Early morning #ableton jam with my 1 year old. #dadsarmy

@morningsteppa going in on a mixdown right now.

BOOM! Beer o’clock. Oh yeah and fuck bamboo what a mish.

Today’s mission. Clear this out for a winter veggie garden

Play outside I said. #dadsarmy

Timelines - Forthcoming Metalheadz (Platinum Breakz 4) by Om Unit http://ift.tt/1guRTEB

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